Conference Programme
Literature and Philosophy 1500-1700
University of Sussex 

Tuesday 14 July
Venue: The Keep

11.00-11.30     Conference Registration

11.30-12.45     Plenary Lecture
                         Chair: Andrew Hadfield

Erasmus and the Philosophy of Christ
Neil Rhodes, University of St Andrews

12.45-13.45     Lunch

13.45-15.15     Panel 1: Moral philosophy
                          Chair: Chloe Porter

Something Literary This Way Comes: Tediousness and Delight in William Baldwin’s Treatise of Moral Philosophy
Rachel Stenner, University of Bristol

‘I do not feel it, I do not think of it’: Stoic philosophy and legal authority in Ben Jonson
Zoe Sutherland, University of St Andrews

Thomas Middleton: A Humanist
Alexandra Stachurova, Masaryk University, Czech Republic

15.15-15.30     Coffee

15.30-17.00     Panels 2 and 3

Panel 2: Philosophical notions of ‘Otherness’
                  Chair: Nicole Mennell

‘Black Vengeance’: Shakespeare’s Approach to Genre and Race in Titus Andronicus, Othello and The Tempest
Ronan Hatfull, University of Warwick

A Tale of Two Cities: The Influence of Augustinian thought on John Bale’s formulation of Protestant English Nationalism
Cathy Parsons, University of Sussex 

Coriolanus: The City and its Outcast
Lui Yu, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Panel 3: Representations of Philosophy in Literature
                  Chair: Barbara Kennedy

Neoplatonic Poetry in Early Sixteenth Century’s Italy
Stefano Pezze, Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia 

Shakespeare’s transformation of Aristotle’s Concept of Tragedy
Malte Bischof, University of St Andrews

‘Have you heard the one about Pythagoras?’ Comedic treatment of philosophy in early modern theatre
Duncan Fraser, University of Sussex 

17.00-17.45 Wine Reception

17.45- 18.30 Early Modern Music Concert by The Erebus Ensemble

19.30 onwards Conference dinner at The Coach House.
(59 Middle Street, Brighton, BN1 1AL)

Wednesday 15 July
Venue: The Keep

9.00-10.15       Plenary Lecture
                         Chair:  Andrew Hadfield

Who’s Afraid of Thomas Aquinas: scholasticism and early modern literature
Katrin Ettenhuber, Pembroke College, Cambridge

10.15-10.45     Coffee

10.45-12.15     Panels 4 and 5

Panel 4: Truth and Knowledge
                   Chair: Margaret Healy

Une forme d’escrire douteuse et irresolue: Montaigne’s Third Genre of Philosophical Writing
Luke O’Sullivan, University of Durham 

The philosophical relevance of classical literature in Philipp Melanchthon´s understanding of philosophy
Sandra Bihlmaier, University of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Philosophy

Panel 5: Music and Art
                  Chair: Katrina Marchant

Dryden’s “Song for St. Cecilia’s Day” and the Ethics of Harmony in the Late Seventeenth Century
Corey French, University of Virginia

Platonic soundscapes: Philosophical medicine in Ficino’s De Vita
Barbara Kennedy, University of Brighton

The Painter as Exponent of the humanism in Francisco De Holanda’s Artistic Theory
Teresa Lousa, University of Lisbon

12.15-13.15     Lunch

13.15-14.45    Panels 6 and 7

Panel 6: Philosophical thought in Italy
                   Chair: Ambra Moroncini

The Philosophical Poetry in Italy’s Arcadia Academy during the Second Half of the XVIII Century
Andrea Penso, University of Padua, Italy 

1576: The first edition of Dante’s Vita Nuova
Myrtha de Meo-Ehlert, Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Storici, Benedetto Croce, Naples

Panel 7: Political Philosophy and the Self
                  Chair: Katrina Marchant

Domestic service and the category of skill, 1600-1700
Robert Stearn, Birkbeck, University of London

Philosophers and Philosophy in Traiano Boccalini’s Satire of the Ragguagli Di Parnaso (1612-1613)
Irene Verziagi, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Symbols and Metaphors in the Writings of Martin Luther
Andrew Hines, Queen Mary, University of London

14.45-15.15     Coffee

15.15-16.45     Panel 8: Shakespeare and Political Philosophy
                          Chair: Lana Harper

The Lion, the Fox and the Wolf: Machiavelli’s Political Philosophy and Shakespeare’s History Plays
Nicole Mennell, University of Sussex

Shakespeare and Renaissance Ontology
Jessica Chiba, Royal Holloway, University of London

Body Economic in Timon of Athens: Interpreting Bacon’s Theory of Spirits
Timo Uorinen, Royal Holloway, University of London

After the concert we will be having a casual dinner in Brighton for anyone who wishes to join. All welcome.

Thursday 16th July
Venue: Arts A108, University of Sussex

9.00-10.15      Plenary Lecture
                        Chair: Lana Harper

Early Modern Literature and Moral Thought: Ways of Understanding the Relationship
Chris Tilmouth, Peterhouse, Cambridge

10.15-10.30     Coffee

10.30-12.00     Panel 9: Philosophy of Language
                           Chair:  Angela Andreani

Philosophies of Language in Early Modern Drama
Sophie Battell, Cardiff University

Literature and the Port-Royal Logic
Thomas Koblizek, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

The Language of ‘Desire’: Milton’s Vocabulary of the Passions in Paradise Lost
Karis G. Riley, University of York

12.00-12.15     Coffee

12.15-13.15     Roundtable on Literature and Philosophy
                         Presiding: Paul Davies, University of Sussex

Discussants: Katrin Ettenhuber (Pembroke College, Cambridge), John Lee (University of Bristol), Chris Tilmouth (Peterhouse College Cambridge)

End of conference


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